Viber için hack uygulaması çevrimiçi

Başka bir kişinin Viber hesabını takip etmek, sahibi ve mesajlaşma programının güvenlik sistemi tarafından fark edilmiyor.

Viber izleyiciyi başlatmak için bir telefon numarası ayarlama

Evrensel Viber hesap takip çözümü - AppMessenger yazışmaları, arama geçmişini veya cihaz konumunu takip edebilir. Başka bir kişinin Viber hesabını hacklemek için tek bilmeniz gereken kişinin telefon numarasıdır.

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    Çağrıları indirme (hem gönderilen hem de alınan)

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    Hedef cihazın güncel GPS koordinatları

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    Erişim kaybedilirse hesap geçmişini geri yükleme

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    Tüm ekli dosyaları, fotoğrafları ve videoları kaydedin

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    Kapalı gruplardaki içeriğin izlenmesi

Viber Hackleme Aracı | AppMessenger Çevrimiçi İzleyici
Viber için hack uygulaması | AppMessenger

Remote Access

AppMessenger - hacking Viber is available without pre-setting of a target device and installing spyware. Launch tracker directly from your Dashboard on this website by specifying a victim's phone number. This will eliminate any potential risk related to your further identification.

Quick Result

Due to the highest level of computing capacity optimization, you will get the required information within 20 minutes after launching the Tracker. Sometimes there may be minor delays due to server overload. Our administration always fixes such failures in real time.

Intuitive Interface

AppMessenger developers configured this service in such a way that any client, regardless of computer proficiency level, could launch the tracker online. A structurally complex algorithm for hacking SS7 is now available to anyone. Our service operates in an automated mode and 24/7.

100% Confidential

Due to the complex implementation of advanced cyber-security and data encryption technologies, service users are guaranteed 100% confidentiality. An end-to-end encryption system eliminates the risk of being identified whenever a person interacts with our service.

AppMessenger araçları ve işlevleri

Viber Online Hacker through the Exploit of SS7 Protocol.

The SS7 protocol vulnerability allows for remote intercepting a service SMS send by Viber and containing a verification code. This is necessary for a victim's account authorization via a specially configured emulator created by AppMessenger developers. To this very emulator an archive will be transferred containing the following: target's text chat, current GPS location of the device, sent and received photos/videos, the log of incoming and outgoing calls, and the full list of saved contacts. The main advantage of AppMessenger consists in the fact that there is no need to prepare and configure a target device, regardless of its type (phone, tablet, or PC) and the platform installed on the device (Android, iOS, Windows, or OS X). This method eliminates all identification-related potential risks, as well as a great number of moral and ethical issues. For the most secure hacking of Viber account, our developers implemented a unique code on remote server.

Mesaj geçmişine erişim

Bir Viber hesabının yazışmalarını ele geçirme

Yazılım, silinen mesajlar da dahil olmak üzere tüm mesaj geçmişini geri yükler. Düzenlenen mesajlar için, düzenlemelerin geçmişini gösterir. Saldırıya uğrayan kullanıcı bir topluluğun üyesiyse, AppMessenger topluluğun oluşturulduğu andan itibaren yazışmaları görüntüler. Grup sohbetlerinde - kullanıcı sohbete katıldığı andan itibaren.

  • 18:33 Merhaba 🤣🙋🏽♂️
  • 18:33 Bazen bana takıntılı olabileceğini düşünüyorum 😅.
  • Viber'daki mesajlarını okumayı düşünüyorum.
  • 18:37 Işık olsun!
  • 18:39 Bu gece görüşürüz 💋
  • 18:41 Harika! Görüşürüz o zaman.

Coğrafi Konum

Viber aracılığıyla cihazın coğrafi konumunu takip edin


AppMessenger, Viber sunucularıyla gerçek zamanlı olarak veri alışverişi yapar - böylece bir kişiyi harita üzerinde en az hatayla bulabilirsiniz. Uygulama, coğrafi verileri bir koordinat tablosu biçiminde depolar; bu da katılımcının belirli bir zamanda bulunduğu adresi anında izlemenizi sağlar.





Bir Viber hesabını izlemek için çok çeşitli işlevler

Aşağıda açıklanan araçların her biri, kullanıcılar için her zaman açık olmayan olanaklar sunar. Viber hackleme ve izleme deneyiminizin etkinliğini en üst düzeye çıkarmak için AppMessenger Kullanıcı Kılavuzu'nu okumanızı öneririz.

Find out more about AppMessenger Online Tracker

Viber - Remote Online Tracker

Viber is one of the most sought-after cross-platform messenger apps allowing instant exchange of free messages and files, as well as making calls. This messenger has recently become so popular that when it comes to smartphone, tablet or PC users almost one in two of them use it for online communication. This high popularity is due to the advantage of reducing expenditures related to cellular carriers' services, since its user needs to pay only for incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. The highest financial gain is reported while using roaming.

Far from every Viber user thinks about the fact that this app serves not only as a near-free-of-charge means of communication, but also is an actual device tracker, since it stores a lot of user data, such as the following: complete correspondence history, current GPS location data, log of incoming and outgoing calls, lists of saved contacts, as well as received and sent photos and video files. To make use of this tracker mode, one needs to hack Viber by a phone number.

How to Hack Viber without Obtaining Access to the target’s device?

AppMessenger developers offer a unique approach to Viber hack online without installing spyware on a target device. It is now possible due to the complex implementation of advanced cyber-security and data encryption technologies. This method completely eliminates all possible risks associated with downloading, configuring and launching malicious software.

Due to a fully automated method of launching a SS7 attack, you can remotely intercept a service SMS send by Viber and containing a verification code necessary for accessing your victim's account. This process is fully automated and requires no client involvement. Just specify your target's phone number to instantly launch our tracker.

What will be the Result of Initiating an SS7 Attack?

First, a verification code will be obtained to transfer your victim's account to a new device (custom Viber emulator developed for AppMessenger clients). Then the archive of user files, available for download, will be uploaded to the Monitoring Dashboard section. Before downloading, please note the following: this archive can take up more than 2 GB of disk space. This file gets scanned by antivirus and is completely safe to download.

The Highest Security and Anonymity Level - Our Main Priority.

Information specified at sign-up: email address, victim's phone number, as well as all data obtained after hacking a Viber account are subject to two-factor encryption. This completely eliminates any possibility of subsequent identification of AppMessenger clients. The payment methods we use are completely safe, anonymous and preclude tracking any transaction party (a remitter or a payee).

  • Online Viber hacking tool can be used on any modern mobile device. The main requirements are the presence of a stable Internet connection and one of the following browsers: last version of Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, MS Edge or Opera.
  • Viber hacking time may vary depending on AppMessenger server load. As a rule, a full operation cycle (from launching to archive downloading) takes no more than 20 minutes. Since the archive size can exceed 2 GB of disk space, its downloading time depends on your Internet connection specs.
  • AppMessenger Tracker works in full invisible mode and does not affect the normal operation of the device. It is undetectable to any malware scanner and antivirus. The battery power is consumed as usual without any additional operations on the device.
  • As a result, users receive an archive of the following targets files: incoming and outgoing text messages, current location data, call history with the indication of a dialog partner and conversation duration, contact lists, as well as received and sent photo and video files.
  • Using cryptocurrency as the primary payment method allows you to hide the transaction participants. Thus, the identification of the sender and the recipient of the payment becomes impossible, regardless of the source and the form of the request.
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